How to create a Data set for Google Analytics data upload
In this tutorial, we'll make a case for a way to build information set for Google Analytics cost data uploads. Although it's pretty easy, make sure to cautious with the settings. If they're not organized and set properly, it will not work well.
First, open the Google Analytics interface.
Click on "Data import". Then, press the "Create" button to start out generating the dataset.
Second, select "Cost Data" as the type
There different kinds of a dataset, however, to work with Lavametrics, the dataset needs to be of this sort. It's at the bottom finish of the list.

Third, name your dataset and specify the Views you wish to use it to

Notice that the dataset may be utilized in several Views, and this parameter may be modified later if required.

Four, configure the scheme of the dataset

This is the foremost crucial factor since the upload depends thereon. Once you only started, the scheme would seem like on the first screenshot, then you've got to line everything to be just like at the second.

Here is what needs to be done:
Press Clicks, Cost and Impressions within the first dropdown
Choose Campaign, Ad Content and Keyword within the second one.

The first 2 of them would make sure that Google Analytics is ready to receive correct metrics. The third ensures that your information will not be mixed once Lavametrics uploads information for dates that are antecedently uploaded. The ad account information may well be subject to minor amendments retroactively and Lavametrics thus transfers information for a few time back for every upload.
If the "Import Behavior" is at Summation this may mean that your costs, impressions and clicks would keep going up with every data upload.

Five, save your information set

After pressing "Save", the page ought to seem like the first screenshot beneath, and this implies you are done. Your information set is prepared to be used.
When you go back to "Data Import", you can find your new information set within the list.
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